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Chongqing Beibei Guotong Forging Co., Ltd.established in 1998, is located in Xiema Town,Beibei District at the foot of the beautiful Jinyun Mountain, covering an area of 24000 square meters and having 17000 square meters of floor space. Now we have fixed assets of more than 12 million dollars and highly educated professional and technical team with over 200 workers. We are a set of product mould design and manufacturing, forging, heating treatment and machining, comprehensive testing an organic whole,stronger, well managed medium-sized enterprises.

Under the leadership of Jing Guomo who is the chairman of the Chongqing forging association, we have mastered the advanced forging technology and machining technique  in China, with manufacturing of electric screw press at core, forming a continuous production line including the process of electric heating, billet, rough forging, precision forging, edge cutting, correction, quenching, tempering and testing. Machining workshop have piercing,milling , 4-axis machining and special machines line.

We have perfect ability to develop products, design CNC moulds and produce advanced molds, equipped with more than 120 sets of CMM inspection equipment ,hardness tester and 1000T,630T,300T electric screw press as well as a CNC machine center. In the January of 2016, we got the GT/ISO9001:2008 certificate; in the December of the same year, we obtained the IS0/TS16949 Quality System Certification; in the November of 2018, we gained the approval of the upgrade and renewal of certificate from IATF16949 International Quality Management System. Also, we have the right to import and export.

Main products: Five series—automotive forging parts (engine camshaft, balancing shaft, connecting rod, steering knuckle, steering knuckle arm, hub and various door hinges structural parts of special purpose vehicles), motorcycles, machine blank (engine crankshaft and connecting rod), general machinery (tool for construction machinery, tool holder, coal cutter, etc.), and other mechanical parts of trains—more than 500 varieties. Auto parts, except for domestic enterprises, are exported to Japan, the United States and other countries. In recent years, the share of export products has been close to a half of the company’s total 80%.

For a long time,Our company relies on strong forging ability, high-quality products and services won customers’ heart and opportunities to develop.

Quality policy: Quality, the life and eternal theme of enterprises will bring about benefit for us and we will continue improving it to meet customers’ need.

Taking “fast ” as its essence, our company can research and develop high-quality new products at a high speed. Upholding the principle of “manufacturing satisfactory products for customers”, we sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit and offer suggestions—work together to create a better future.

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