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Distinction between forging and casting

Metal can improve the microstructure and mechanical properties after forging. Casting structure processed by forging method of thermal deformation due to the metal deformation and recrystallization, the original coarse dendrite and columnar grain change as the grain is fine and uniform size of shaft recrystallized microstructure, the ingot original segregation, porosity, gas hole, a clamping and welding slag, such as compaction, the organization becomes more closely and improve the plasticity of metal and mechanical properties.

Generally speaking, the mechanical properties of the cast are lower than that of the same material. In addition, the forging process can ensure the continuity of the metal fiber, so that the structure of the fabric and the forging die is consistent, the metal flow line is complete, can ensure that parts have good mechanical properties and long service life using precision forging, cold extrusion, warm extrusion and other process of forging, are not comparable.

Aircraft forging

According to the weight of the aircraft, there are about 85% of the components are forged. The wing of the aircraft engine turbine disc, axle neck Kong Xinzhou, in leaves of wing beam, the fuselage of the rib plate, wheel bracket, the landing gear on the inner cylinder and the outer cylinder body is relates to the safety of aircraft important forgings. Aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, nickel base alloy and other precious materials are made of high strength and wear resistant, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, nickel base alloy. In order to save material and save energy, most of the aircraft used to die forging or multi die forging press to produce.

Automobile Forging

According to the weight of the car, there are 17%-19% of the forgings. General motors by body, a carriage, engine, front axle, rear axle, frame, gear box, transmission shaft, steering system 15 parts constitute characteristics of automobile forging is a complex shape, light weight, poor working conditions, safety demanding. Such as automobile engine crankshaft, connecting rod, cam shaft, front beam front axle, steering knuckle, rear axle half shaft, axle sleeve, an axle box transmission gear and so on, is related to the safe operation of the car key forgings.

Diesel forging

Diesel engine is a kind of power machine, which is used to make engine. Take large diesel engine as an example, the forging has the cylinder head, the main shaft, Qu Zhouduan flange output shaft, connecting rod, piston rod, piston head, cross head pin shaft, crankshaft transmission gear, gear ring, middle gear and oil pump body, etc..

Marine forgings

Marine forgings are divided into three major categories, the main engine, the shaft and the rudder system. The main engine and diesel engine forgings. Thrust shaft forging shaft, intermediate shaft and stern shaft. Rudder stock, rudder. Rudder pin column, etc..

Petroleum chemical forgings

The forging is widely used in petrochemical equipment. Such as spherical tank manhole, flange and heat exchanger required for various tube sheet, welded flange catalytic cracking reactor monobloc cylinder body (pressure vessel), hydrogenation reactor tube section, chemical fertilizer equipment needed to cover, bottom cover, a head, etc. are forgings.

Mine forging

According to equipment weight calculation, the proportion of the forging of the mining equipment is 12-24%. Mine equipment: mining equipment hoisting equipment of crushing equipment grinding equipment washing equipment for sintering equipment.

Thermal power forgings

There are four key parts in the thermal power plant, that is, the rotor and the retaining ring of the turbo generator, and the impeller and the turbine rotor.

Hydro forging

The important parts in the equipment of the hydroelectric power station are the large shaft, the shaft, the mirror plate and the thrust of the turbine.

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